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Meet the team behind Perth Dizziness and Balance Clinic

Perth Dizziness and Balance Clinic: An Expert Team of Vestibular Physiotherapists
The physiotherapists working at Perth Dizziness and Balance Clinic are all certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation.  They have all completed competency based training with world renown expert Prof Susan Herdman.  All our therapists have established their expert clinical skills with comprehensive tertiary health care experience. 


Kate Wisbey is a Senior Physiotherapist with extensive experience in Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation.  She has worked in the tertiary healthcare setting for over 20 years and has been developing her expertise in Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation for over 10 years.  Kate completed her initial training in Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in London at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.  She has further developed her skills by completing post graduate training courses.  

Kate plays a strong leadership role in her profession, as a Senior Physiotherapist in Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation and regularly provides education to her colleagues at the Australian Physiotherapy Association.   Kate has a special interest in the assessment of dizziness, complex BPPV, Meniere’s disease, chronic subjective dizziness, falls prevention and balance rehabilitation.  


Deborah Crawley is a Senior Physiotherapist with extensive experience in Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation.  She has worked as a physiotherapist for over 20 years, with vast clinical experience gained in Perth and the United Kingdom.  Deborah has been providing expert Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation to patients within the tertiary healthcare setting for the past 8 years.  She has also held a senior role in Neurosurgery and Brain Injury rehabilitation and is experienced in complex balance rehabilitation. 

Deborah has completed postgraduate training courses in Vestibular Rehabilitation.  She is committed to the development of her profession and has been providing education to her peers through presentations on Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation for the past 5 years. Deborah’s particular interests lie in the assessment of dizziness, complex BPPV, rehabilitation following head injury and balance rehabilitation.


Sophie Coates is a Senior Physiotherapist who has championed the improved management of vestibular patients presenting to hospital. This is through her role as a Physiotherapist in the Emergency Department where she is still involved as an Advanced Scope Practitioner. 

Sophie has been a Physiotherapist for over 15 years and for over 10 of these, has been providing expert assessment and treatment of patients presenting with vestibular problems to the ED. She has gained extensive experience of vestibular education her regular contributions to both Physiotherapy and Doctor teaching programs within the tertiary healthcare setting and through her work with Postgraduate Physiotherapy students at UWA. Sophie’s comprehensive experience of vestibular disorders has come not just from the ED, but also from work in the hospital outpatient setting and from treating vestibular patients privately since 2010. 

Sophie’s special interest is in complex BPPV, acute onset dizziness, cervicogenic dizziness, and balance rehabilitation with a focus on high-level balance and a return to sport. 



Jane Gaspar is a Senior Physiotherapist who has worked in the profession for almost 18 years and developed specialist skills in Vestibular Rehabilitation. Early in her career, Jane achieved her goal of becoming a Senior Emergency Department Physiotherapist, which is where she developed her passion for treating patients with dizziness and balance problems. Working in the acute ED setting has perfected


Jane’s specialist assessment skills, allowing her to accurately diagnose and manage patients presenting to ED with a wide variety of complex vestibular conditions.  In addition to her extensive hospital experience, since 2015, Jane has further developed in this specialty area through her work in a private vestibular clinic.  

Jane’s professional interest in dizziness and balance problems led her to complete numerous postgraduate training courses in Vestibular Rehabilitation.  She is a strong advocate for people with dizziness and balance issues, which has motivated her to provide vestibular training to physiotherapy and medical staff in the hospital setting.  

Jane is especially passionate about complex BPPV, migraine, balance rehabilitation, and the interplay between anxiety and dizziness.  Jane is thoroughly committed to working with her clients to help them to understand their condition, and assist them to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. 




Danielle Townsend is a Senior Physiotherapist who has extensive experience working in vestibular and balance rehabilitation. After graduating from Curtin University of Technology in 2006, she has focused on working in tertiary healthcare area, with over 15 years experience in neurological, vestibular and balance rehabilitation. Danielle has completed post graduate studies in with a certificate in Neurological Rehabilitation as well as several vestibular rehabilitation courses.


Danielle continues to develop her skills in assessment of dizziness and balance through her role in the hospital outpatient setting where as a vestibular expert she is also responsible for the continuing education of other Physiotherapists. Danielle draws inspiration from her personal circumstances, moving into the area of vestibular rehabilitation after having a vestibular neuronitis herself. 


Danielle’s special interests are complex BPPV, rehabilitation after stroke and balance rehabilitation.

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