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Our comprehensive expert service covers a full assessment of your condition and an individual treatment plan. We generally follow the process outlined below for our patients:

1. Initial assessment including:

  • Detailed clinical oculomotor exam using specialised equipment, including Infra-red Video Frenzel Goggles.

  • Positional assessment using specialised Infra-red Video Frenzel Goggles.

  • Assessment of balance reactions and balance safety.

  • Assessment of falls risk.

  • Assessment of the body systems contributing to balance and motion sensitivity (musculo-skeletal, sensory, visual and central nervous system).

2. Individualized treatment programs

A treatment program specific to your needs will be developed. Treatment involves specialized vestibular techniques performed at the clinic, progressive home exercise programs, education and return to normal daily activities and sports specific skills.  Your treatment will be provided by a  senior physiotherapist certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation.

3. Ongoing assessment

At subsequent appointments your progress will be monitored, treatment advanced and your home exercise program will be updated. The number of appointments will vary depending upon the individual and the problem being addressed.

4. Specialised/Specific vestibular treatment including:


  • Repositioning manoeuvres for standard and complex presentations of BPPV

  • Vestibular habituation

  • Visual exercises

  • Physical conditioning

  • Gait re-education

  • Balance rehabilitation

  • Falls prevention and falls risk minimisation

  • Return to sports specific activities

5. Progressive individualised home exercise programs

6. Comprehensive liaison with medical specialists and referral to other health professionals as appropriate


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